Connection Challenge

For the rest of this week I challenge all who are following this blog to make a simple connection with others and to be intentional about it. Pick one method that is simple and promotes kind responses. My top 10 suggestions:

  1. Smile at every person with whom you make eye contact.
  2. Say “Hello” or Good morning, afternoon, or evening with every person with whom you come in contact.
  3. When someone asks how you are doing say, “Fantastic!” no matter how you are actually doing. When you do this, even when you are not feeling like it, you may actually begin to believe you feel fantastic.
  4. Do one selfless act for one person every day.
  5. Go up to one random person you know nothing about and introduce yourself, then tell them to have a nice day and go about your business. This can freak people out but sometimes that kinda fun anyway.
  6. Listen intently to someone throughout a conversation. Do not attempt to provide feedback unless the person asks for it or when there is at least a 10 second pause in discussion. This is a great way to communicate with others anyway. You would be surprised how many people will find you easy to talk to when you aren’t trying to get a word in at every pause.
  7. Offer to pay the bill with no intention of receiving a payback. Actually, specifically let the other person know that you would prefer them to not catch the next one.
  8. Ask how someone is doing and actually wait for a response. Often we use this question in passing and don’t seem to care or really want to hear how someone is doing.
  9. Compliment at least one person per day. Don’t be creepy about it, simply say, “I like that shirt on you. You look good in green” or something similar.
  10. Let a friend know that you appreciate their friendship and schedule a coffee break together out of the blue.

comment on this post to say which method you chose and what affect it had for you or the other person. Have a good week everyone.

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