Media Productions

I have just spent two to three hours in the pre-production phase of a digital video and photography project. The raw material comes from a youth event that took place in Rapid City, SD back in November called C.D.Y.C (Central District Youth Conference) that takes place every year. Moments ago I was brainstorming what I want this blog to become and I had an epiphany of sorts. What if I simply directed this blog to deal with media productions? It would narrow the focus to media and the process needed to produce it into a quality piece of work no matter the media type. For example, we can have articles and discussions that relate to the pre-production (story boarding, editing out raw footage, and script writing), production (editing and compiling), and post production (Burning to a DVD, making a photo album, or uploading your video or podcast). I find a great amount of enjoyment pursuing all forms of media and would like to hear from the experts about how to capture the right shots, edit photos, video, and podcast, and what to do with the finished product. Also, we can do scores of review on products to include digital cameras, video cameras, editing software, and much more. To me, media can capture the moments of human connections and the connections that make us human in our lives. Please answer the poll and we will begin our journey.

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