Professional Starter

I promise not to modify or edit my first post again unless I have to! I am what you may call a professional starter. These are the things I have started over my lifetime:

Played guitar (one year)

Played the drums (five years…25 years ago)

Played the bass guitar (one year)

Hiking (one year)

Digital photography (one year)

Digital video (two years)

Fishing (two years semi-seriously)

Learn Spanish (two years in high school and one month using Duolingo)

Book writing (three chapters on four separate books)

College to become an educator (I did complete this and I am currently teaching but it took seven years for a four year degree)

My first blog post (Wait a minute…could I have finished this one too?)

…and the list goes on and on.

If I had a potential employer view this post they would notice two things; I am a motivated self-starter and a weakness I must work on is completing what I start. Part of this project for me is to be able to work on my area of weakness. On the other hand, the fact that I am a professional starter will aide me in providing great information on how to get started on several things for someone who is interested and wants to know the process. Many articles I plan to write for this blog will be sort of a “how to” on starting projects and hopefully how to finish them as long as I can focus long enough to complete something. My hope is that this group will provide assistance to the other community members to get started on projects and encourage one another to continue the pursuit until it can be as complete as possible, after all, not all projects can be completed and are an on-going experience. Please feel free to provide your expertise and feedback as we embark on this journey together. Have a great day!

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