Meaningful Connections

Since early in the millennium, social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and many others have flooded the internet with people making contact and discussing their lives. Texting from smart phones, flip phones, and tablets has taken over the old face-to-face conversations we used to have, sometimes with an individual in the same room. In a world where technology and social networks permeate social interactions, it is often difficult for people to find fun ways to connect with others in face-to-face, personal activities. Although technological toys and social networks have a time and place, like anything else, moderation is key. Rather than waste away in front of a computer screen or drool in front of the T.V., our minds should be challenged, and direct social contact should be far above virtual relationships in priority. It will be my mission to explore fun activities to get people to connect on a more meaningful level. I have developed a love for journalism as well as exploring all forms of media, such as digital photography, digital video, and podcast, and how it can be used to build relationships with the people in my home, church, community, and beyond. Take part in sharing your expertise and enthusiasm in the use of various forms of media and we can help each other improve our skill in these areas. 

…and look forward to requests and polls to determine topics of interest!Image

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